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The Mau5 Who Used to Love DJs

Deadmau5 in the Past

Recently, Canadian DJ and Producer Deadmau5 let out a bombshell to the dance music community, calling all DJ’s “cunts”.

We were sent this pic of Deadmau5 in his younger days. It looks like he might have been thoroughly enjoying the work of a DJ.

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Deadmau5 felt it was important to respond to his recent news article.

okay, im going to level with all of you here… much as i always have. regarding alot of crap flying around these days regarding some hack press in Ireland, more specifically, some lame crap i said about “DJ’s”…

Over the past couple of weeks, ive never really had the desire to defend some tablotic / “juicy” press, but i guess im sick of hearing about it… so might as well explain what little i feel obligated to remove any static it’s caused.

during an onsluight of phoner interviews in a single night, i do recall being asked alot of questions that i felt i really had no answers to… I honestly feel that the dance music scene needed a good bit of shaking up… sure, i bet there are thousands of people who will cling onto just about any written article and believe it to be fact. Well, wasn’t really the case this time…

i could only have imagined people wouldnt read into it so much (let alone the interview wouldnt pick out all the stupid bits) and miss the point completely.

let me start by admitting…. i did not grow up in the EDM scene. I dont consider my career to be about “being a DJ”. i dont have “DJ roots” . I never had any intention of becoming a DJ. and my conception of “DJ’s” in general from this standpoint has always been… .. being forced into some nightclub when i would have rather stayed home, and watch some dood mash the “play / stop” button and occaisionally move a pitch slider. Love it or hate it…. that’s just been my conception of the traditional “dj”.

mind you, im not a total fucking idiot, and i recognize talent when i see it…. and there are many talented DJ’s out there for sure. In my eyes, those would be the individuals who utilize technology to deliver the music in ways that are both skillful and innovate, moreso than my vision of the “play/stop/pitch” DJ. To me, the club is about “the party” …. the people make the night… the DJ obviously needs to use that to his advantage, it’s give and take.

okay, to say “all dj’s are….” etc etc, to be taken literally as this article did, was just painfully stupid and wrong on their behalf. So im not the worlds most eloquent person… any idiot can tell you that. But the meaning behind the statement was “the concept that i recognize as being a “disc jockey”….

now, i can personally guarantee that this blog post is going to fling right back into the ugly pit it came from… the message boards, the forums, the… well whatever.

see it as a fail attempt at correcting a wrong, or backtracking, or just being plain hypocritical, i really dont give a fuck either way…. this statement isn’t for you fucking elitist fuckheads who have nothing better to do with your internets. This is for the the people who appriciate what im doing, people who enjoy music, and is meant to assure those people that my intent was not to insult or belittle anyone or any group of people in particular.

on hindsight, it’s really amazing what a 3 minute phone call to some random irish news paper can do…. hell… that thing made about 12 laps around the world in about 4 hours. now thats impressive.

at the end of the day, the music plays on. And thats what it’s all about for me… to interview me about anything other than music… is stupid. period.

If you still have love for the guy, you can check out some of his newest music here.

16 Responses to “The Mau5 Who Used to Love DJs”

  1. MiNdy says:

    awww look at the club kid, care bear back pack and all

  2. Englebert says:

    Reach for them lasers, buddy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a cock! nice hair mate and the gay little pokemon on your back.
    At least when I used to go to raves in 1991 it was hardcore and original.

  4. dj nova says:

    Your a dick !!! Never forget just who butters your bread

  5. FKMAU5 says:

    WoW… this picture says it all > HE’S A FUCKIN FAGGOT on top of being a FUCKIN’ TWO-FACE BITCH >
    You can tuck your career in your POKEMON bag and jump off the CELEBRITY CLIFF Faggot !!!

  6. Trance Elements says:

    Deadmau5 = Pussy, thinks he has it all figured out, what a fucking baby! never will play him again here in the USA on anything. To bad Deadmau5, but your a sissy fuck!

  7. ANGELA says: all i have to say… hes a dj and producer..

  8. Blah says:

    I love alot of his music, but what a mut! Look at his Ibiza interview when he says it shouldn’t be about how hard it is to dj eg: Vinyl,Cd’s Ableton whatever! its about entertaining the crowd.
     And Deadmut no live act is better than a DJ, dj’s pick like 1,2,3 tracks of an artist they like in each set, and then move on a good dj rips a live act.
    p.s. I have seen you attempt to mix and you were terrible!

  9. Yea... says:

    Still doesnt’ properly apologize.  We should accept nothing short of “I don’t understand the DJ craft, so I am in no place to comment on it”

  10. Zarn Larkin says:

    Ok, nice attempt at backpedaling there… Deadmau5′s tracks have a nice clean sound, but honestly nothing since “Not Exactly” has even had the slightest shred of real musical ingenuety. Especially that “Clockwork” track… god, what a complete and utter sellout. The original was already the worst track I’ve ever heard, and his new ripoff makes me reach for the nearest wastebasket to puke in. Nice backpack bro.

  11. FKMAU5 says:

    Anyone notice his new song called “WORD PROBLEMS?”  LMAO
    How fucking ironic…

  12. Tone Deep says:

    Obviously this guys a boring introvert with not much else to do but twiddle with his toys alone.  Respect for being good a fiddling with your toys but none for your social skills bud.

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